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I notice a lot of people here got the NLNG Graduate Trainee test invite and will be going for the written exams by 8th of March, 2014 and i wish to use this medium to intimate them of what lies ahead based on my experience. I once worked with WAEC and was privilege to invigilate in previous NLNG Graduate Trainee Test. Don't let anybody confuse you. It is indeed WAEC that set and invigilate the graduate trainee test for NLNG till date and no one has the past questions because candidates are never allowed to leave with their question paper after the exams. Only insiders can manage to smuggle these past questions out. To contribute my own quota as a nairalander, i will reveal every secret you need to know about this test so that every nairalander writing the test will come out successful. 

First let me begin by informing you how the question format and timing look like;
There are always a total of 4 test viz; Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Spatial Reasoning. Each of these contain 40 questions for 60 mins, making a total duration of 4 hours for the entire test. I also heard from a former colleague that still works there that this year they will include Current Affairs. Whatever the case, there is nothing to be afraid of as the only secret is early preparation with the right materials which i will give out to you.

i) On arrival, you will be checked into the hall if you can present the required documents

N/B: The Original Letter of Invitation From NLNG is very very important
Ensure every item stated is provided by you.
If you dont have a drivers licence or International passport, simply go for National ID card. Its easy and fast to acquire.

While you are being checked into the hall, attendance will also be taken at once, so you simply go in and sit down and wait for further instructions.
ii) The Chief examiner comes in and reads the full guidelines for the test, at this point you are expected to pay strict attention to whatever he says because they are the ones marking your script and note that instructions are part of the screening. Those writing at Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt, your chief examiner is always Mr. Elebe Godwin, he's a tall, fair in complexion, no-nonsense man. Pleeeease, take every instruction to the letters. He will simply collect your script and that ends the test for you. 
Very importantly, You will be given the answer sheet and asked to rule over two section sections that will be not be used for the exam, please make no mistakes. The sections to rule out are for Technical and Banking test. WAEC uses the same answer sheet to organize other job exams, stingy people. lol.

(iii) After the first two test there will be a 10minutes break and then the remaining two test follows, after which the test comes to an end.

To crown it all, you will find it very very difficult to pass this test if you do not practice very well with the right past questions. A lot of people will be reading GMAT and the rest but thats not good enough because WAEC question formats are different from GMAT and SHL.

As an ex-staff, I have these past questions and their answers based on the marking scheme. I didn't just give the answers but I took time to explain why that was the correct answer. In the numerical reasoning i also gave step  by step procedures to arrive at the answer, thats why the material is over a hundred pages. Last year, i gave it out to just 10 persons of which 7 of them passed the test with high grades. I guess the other three persons took it for granted. This year i will only give it out to the first 20 very serious-minded persons. After which i won't give it out again. This is a compilation of all the past questions and their answers running into over 190 pages in pdf format. I have also included Past WAEC current affairs questions used in other job exams in case they should bring in current affairs this year as speculated. All these put together for the 1st 20 persons. This is entirely different from whatever you have before, trust me.

If you are interested in this Full Past NLNG Graduate Trainee Past Questions and Answers plus Current Affairs, Kindly follow the procedure below:

1. Pay the sum of N3000 (no longer N5000), to the account below

Account Name: Lawrence Isong

Account No: 0116783991


Send a text to this number 08098260295 containing your email address, informing me of your payment. Once your payment is confirmed, I will send the E-book to you immediately.

NOTE: This question and answers sold for N5000 formerly but due to many people pleading i had to bring down the price to N3000. Please dont curse, if you cant afford the ebook. I only need 20 persons thats why the price is tagged at N3000. When you get into NLNG and start earning N300,000 to N600,000 per month you will turn back and thank God for investing a meager N3000. Also know that the competition is very high. Thousands are gunning for this same position. So dont buy the ebook a day to the exam and expect to succeed. Early preparation with this material is your guaranteed key to success. Beware, some will also come here and curse and discourage others only to come behind and purchase the book. Be wise, the competition is hot and only the smart and intelligent ones will make it. I wish everyone success on the 8th of March 2014. God bless you.

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