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Google AdWords + Clickbank = Lethal Profit Machine

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-Lesson #4-

Ok, we've learned a little about affiliate programs, ClickBank and
Google AdWords.

Now you may be wondering how this is going to make you profits?

Ok let's put everything together to show you how this works.

First you would go to ClickBank and search through the 11,000+
affiliate programs for a product you would like to promote.

For this example let's say that you choose to promote an ebook
called "How to play the Guitar like a pro".

Let's say the ebook is selling for $49 with a 50% commission for

This means if you send people to the website and they buy the
ebook, you will make $24.50 for every ebook sold. That's excellent
money. (ClickBank takes a small percentage but you will still make
about $22 per sale)

You are making just as much as the author of the ebook. 50%
commissions are actually very common with ClickBank products.

So now that you have an affiliate product that you want to promote,
it's time to start promoting the product.

This is where Google AdWords comes into play.

With Google AdWords you would bid on some key search terms such as:

Playing guitar
Learning guitar
Pro guitar
Guitar for beginners
Guitar lessons
Beginning guitar
Guitar guide

When someone does a Google search for one of these terms, your ad
will show up. If that person clicks on your ad you will be charged
the amount that you bid for that search term, sometimes less.

Let's say that your bid price per click is $0.07 .

If the guitar ebook is a fairly good converting product you can
expect to sell one ebook for every 100 clicks on your Google
AdWords ad.

If that were the case, it would cost you: $7 in advertising to sell
one ebook, which pays you a commission of $24.50. That's a profit
of $17.50.

Granted figures change from product to product and circumstance,
but there is so much potential out there, all you have to do is
find the right product to market and you can make some serious

What makes Google AdWords and ClickBank such a powerful
combination? ClickBank supplies the high quality products and
AdWords supplies a very effective way to advertise those products.
Both websites are leaders in their respective fields and are highly
throughout the industry.

Both AdWords and ClickBank are very simple to use and can be set up
in minutes.

Both systems can be automated. After getting everything set up, you
can just let it be and the profits will continue to come in.

No website is needed.

Millions of dollars have been made using this combination. Millions
will continue to be made using this combination.

Google continues to get more and more popular, which means more
potential purchasers.

ClickBank continues to increase its product base (11,000+ and

With both Google and ClickBank growing, there is plenty of room for
everyone to make profits and it will continue to get better as the
Internet grows.

End of lesson #4.

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