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70 Pages That Could Change Your Life!!!

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1 70 Pages That Could Change Your Life!!! on Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:03 am


Ok, I have sent you lessons 1 - 6 for the Google Profits Mini

I hope that some of you have learned something that will help
you with your online ventures.

This concludes the mini course, however I will continue to send you
tips and secrets to making profits online in a newsletter fashion.
This means that when I come across some valuable and
interesting information, I will inform you about it and show you
how to take full advantage of it.

If you enjoyed the mini course, I hope you will take a look at my
ebook "Google Profits".

Here are some benifits you will get from my ebook:

---5 Step Google Profits Success Formula---
You will be taken through the 5 super powerful steps in the Google
Profits success formula. These steps are easy to follow yet give you
information so powerful you won't believe the opportunities set
before you.

---Information/Action sections---
This is an original idea that I came up with to force people to
make money with my system. Every chapter is split into information
and action sections. The information section will reveal to you
specific secrets for each step in the Google Profits success
formula. Then the action section will tell you how to use the
information and forces you to take action so you can start making
money as fast as possible.

---How to pick the ultimate ClickBank products to market---
Picking the right products to market can be the difference between
$0 profit and $10,000 profit. This is one of the most important
decisions that you will be making. I will show you exactly how to
pick the ultimate products to market and how to make the most money
from those picks.

---How to set up "Test Google AdWords" campaigns---
Testing your campaigns can be the most valuable thing that you do.
But it's only valuable if you do it the right way. You will learn
all the secrets to testing your ad campaigns to help you produce a
very efficient income.

---How to keep test campaign costs extremely low---
Keeping test ad campaigns costs to a minimum should be a priority.
I will show you how to lower your testing costs while finding the
most profitable products to market. I will show you the perfect
number of clicks to test before you make the decision to keep
marketing the product or cut it from the list.

---Expanding past Google and ClickBank---
I talk a lot about Google and ClickBank, but that's because they
are the easiest to make money with. I will go into several other
ways to market products and I will show you a ton of places to find
the best products to market. You will be able to expand all your
campaigns above and beyond Google to double and even triple your

---How to set up an AdWords account---
I will show you a step-by-step approach to setting up an AdWords
account. There will be graphical representations to make everything
go smooth and quickly. You will be ready to start testing and
making a profit within minutes.

---How to write AdWords ads that attract buyers---
Most people set up an AdWords account and throw up ads without
really thinking about what they are doing. I will show the most
effective strategies out there for writing the ultimate ads that
will make surfers salivate for you product. You will attract more
surfers for less money and convert many more sales.

---Tons of graphical representation and easy to follow steps---
I have set up several graphical representations for your use. I
walk you through every step with plenty of snap shots that will
help you follow along easily and with out trouble.

---Picking search terms---
Picking search terms is very important when working with Google
AdWords. I will show you several extremely effective methods for
picking the best search terms for the least amount of money. You
will spend less money but bring in a ton more clicks.

---The exact number of clicks a test campaign should allow---
This is the ultimate secret that very few people know about. This
one number is probably the most important number that you need to
know to be successful online. It will save you massive amounts of
money while supplying you with the exact information you need to
determine the viability of a particular test campaign.

---5 tips for successful AdWords campaigns---
As an added bonus I will reveal 5 super powered tips for making
your AdWords campaign extremely successful. These are tips that
every Internet marketer needs.

---Detailed 7 day long look at a real life test campaign---
I reveal to you a profitable test campaigns that I recently
conducted. This campaign was conducted over a period of 7 days. I
used the exact techniques in this ebook to make all my decisions. I
will show you in detail every move that I made and how they
affected the daily outcome. This is very interesting even to me.

Here are the several bonuses that I have included:

Bonus #1 - Google Profits Quick Start Guide FREE. This guide shows
you step by step how to be up and running in less than one hour.
This is arguably the fastest way to start making money on the
Internet. Get it FREE. ($25 Value)

Bonus #2 - Lifetime updates of the Google Profits ebook . I have
some gigantic plans for future additions to this ebook. The
purchase price will surely increase drastically after these mammoth
additions. I estimate that the future price of this ebook could
reach $120. You will receive all these additions free of charge
because of this FREE bonus. ($120 Value)

Bonus #3 - Lifetime access to future bonuses . As we speak I am
negotiating deals to add some pretty outrageous bonuses. Some of
the future bonuses I am pushing for include full-length marketing
ebooks, marketing software, and powerful video guides. ($900 Value)

Bonus #4 - Google Profits tips and secrets Newsletter. This
newsletter will keep you up to date on all the latest marketing
tips, secrets and news. You can't do without this one. Knowledge is
power. Profit from these secrets sooner than your competitors to
gain huge advantages. ($47 Value)

You will get up to $1092 in bonuses with your purchase.

Here is a quick run down of the many advantages that the Google
Profits system offers:

-Make $1000's every month

-No website is needed

-No product is needed

-Start making profits in less than one hour

-Work from any Internet computer

-Less than 30 minutes a day

-Automated system (set it up once and earn for life)

Ok, that's it for this post

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