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The most user friendly online shopping site for products and services

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jibad is an online market place in Nigeria and a few other countries in the African continent. This site is clean and easy to navigate unlike many sites out there. If you are looking to sell something, buy something or need to exchange services of almost any type then you don’t need to look beyond Most cities are included and you will find that there is enough detail that goes down to the little neighborhoods of the cities. The comprehensive nature of the website means you can expect complete coverage of the cities listed.
The Look of the Site
The website is very stylish and has a minimalist design which means there is not a lot of clutter. The navigation menus are self-intuitive therefore you can easily find what it is you are looking for, even if you are visiting the website for the very first time. As you use the website repeatedly it will become even simpler.
You can feel secure about the personal information that you share on the website because fraud and other related activity is detected and dealt with. Furthermore, the idea of the website is to make using it as simple as typing an email for instance. No more than 5 clicks are required to move anywhere on the website which means you can be in and out without getting into a lot of hassle.
Why Use the Site
You can get rid of your old furniture, clothes, or any random junk that is lying around your house. Think of it as a garage sale that can be done online, but the main difference is that it is far more convenient, and you have a much larger audience to sell to.
From the perspective of the buyers, there is a lot to choose from and the price that people sell at is very competitive. The website is very easy to use, which is the reason why you will want to visit it again and again.
You should leaf through the website to check out what is on offer in your city. You may find that there are so many great products in a promotion, selling at knockout prices and you will get overwhelmed at the possibilities.
Furthermore, you can see what the cost of the housing is in an area that you would like to live in, and on a consistent basis, there are new category types that are being added to the website. Such websites offer an alternative to the normal shopping that you might do at your local shop because of the variety that you have access to. You can get products and services that you never knew existed, and Afribargains will provide you with a great buying experience.
User Functionality is First online marketplace in Africa to offer a diverse range of functionalities.
Seller online store: is currently one of the few online market places in Africa that allows a seller to take ownership of an online store. Your store is listed with your store name and buyers can view all items in your store on a single page dedicated to just your products.
Reviews on Sellers: is the first market place in Africa that allows all buyers to leave comments about their experience dealing with any specific seller.  These comments serve as a guideline to other potential buyers who are interested in purchasing any product from any specific seller.
Verified Sellers:  Being a verified user of helps other users to trust the authenticity of the products of a seller contacted through the site. The process for verification is simple and straight forward. There are two levels of verified users:

Resource Box:

You can find out more at Africa’s online free store where you will learn about Africa’s number one trading platform. Afribargains is easy to use and provides so much variety that will take care of your several different needs.

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