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The 12 Steps as Therapeutic Tasks for Sexual Addiction Recovery (Continued): Steps 4 through 9

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The 12 Steps as Therapeutic Tasks for Sexual Addiction Recovery (Continued): Steps 4 through 9

Stepping It Up in Treatment

Sex addicts, like many in early addiction recovery, are often highly
resistant to the idea of attending 12-step recovery meetings. Their
reasons are myriad and usually without merit, though they sure can sound
convincing on first listen.

Basically, it boils down to this: individuals who hang out in adult
bookstores, cruise local red light districts looking for prostitutes,
download hard-core pornography on work computers and masturbate in their
office during business hours, post hi-definition photographs of their
exposed genitalia on dating websites, and openly announce their
extramarital availability on Ashley Madison (with a face photo but
without a second thought) are the same folks who become very concerned about being “spotted” at one of “those” meetings.

“What if someone sees me there and thinks I’m a pervert?” they fret.
Never mind the fact that these meetings usually take place in churches,
school classrooms and local businesses after hours with no neon signs
announcing what’s going on. Resistance to change is what it is, and even
though sex addicts invite risk when acting out, they are risk averse in terms of being seen in 12-step sexual recovery meetings like SAA, SLAA, SCA, SA, and SRA.

It is therefore up to the addiction therapist, when working with a
12-step-averse client, to bring the themes, neurobiological rewiring,
and experience of 12-step recovery into the treatment arena—especially
in a group therapy setting. Once the sexual behavior problem has been
clearly assessed and client/treatment goals and expectations aligned,
sex addiction treatment is well served by the therapist initiating
discussions on themes like surrender, feeling
out-of-control/powerlessness, developing personal integrity, asking for
help, accepting responsibility, turning it over, establishing
accountability, etc
., all within the framework of cognitive behavioral treatment.

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Jesus is the number one steps, because this things are influenced be evil spirits


i agree to that, if you are having any addition go and see a pastor, to cast the demon out of you.

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