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Money Making Ideas With No Investment

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1 Money Making Ideas With No Investment on Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:41 pm


Everyone could use some extra money from time to time, and the ability
to develop multiple streams of income is always valuable. But finding
legitimate money making opportunities isn't always easy. One of the best
ways to get started is to look at your own skills, and think about how
those skills can be of value to others.

Giving students the extra help they need to succeed in school can be very rewarding. If you have a teaching background, or specialized skills and knowledge, you might be able to land a lucrative

  • job as a part time or full time tutor. Check with your local high
    schools and colleges to see what their needs are, and submit your
    qualifications. You can also post a notice directly on bulletin boards
    in college towns, and look for virtual tutoring opportunities on the
Virtual Assistant
If you have an administrative or secretarial background, working as a virtual assistant can give you flexibility and extra

  • income. Virtual assistants perform the same kinds of tasks as
    administrative assistants, but they can do their work from anywhere
    there's an internet connection. You can find virtual assistant jobs at
    freelance sites, and on many career sites as well. Be sure to read the
    job posting carefully, and make sure you meet the qualifications before
    you apply.
  • Freelance Writing
    If you have a way with words and solid research skills, you
    might be able to turn your talents into a steady stream of income.
    Freelance writing sites allow authors to get published, and get paid for
    what they write. Some sites pay an upfront fee for every published
    article, while others pay residual income based on page views and
    advertising revenue. Still others allow authors to post articles for
    sale, and to make money when website owners buy them. Avoid any sites
    that promise instant riches, and those that charge a membership fee.
    Also be prepared to complete an application and submit a writing sample,
    since the most lucrative sites have high quality standards.
Online Auctions

  • If you have a lot of items around your house that you no
    longer use, you might want to gather them up and post them at online
    auction sites like eBay. There's no charge to join these sites, although
    you'll pay a small listing fee for each auction you start. Depending on
    how many items you have and the level of demand, you could pull in
    several hundred, or even several thousand dollars, just by cleaning your
    closet. You can also search local auctions, flea markets and other
    venues for items you can resell at a profit.

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