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discussed Indian topic on Facebook

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1 discussed Indian topic on Facebook on Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:57 pm


Facebook has released a list of topics that became the most talked about
and shared via status updates and posts. These are often a good
indication of cultural trends in the real world. In an accompanying post
Facebook says: "Memology takes the pulse of this global community by
comparing this year's status updates to last year's, unearthing the most
popular topics and cultural trends -- or memes -- emerging on

The top ten Facebook topics for India are:

Hazare and his crusade for the Jan Lokpal Bill is most talked about on
Facebook in India. Anna's 12 day fast in August 2011 mobilized Indians
everywhere and fast acquired a global identity, pressurizing the
government to ultimately agree to adopting the salient points of his
version of the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill. A myriad groups mushroomed
on Facebook in support of Anna and his campaign.
Shah Rukh Khan's superhero magnum opus, RA.One, had become a powerful
Internet presence even before opening to full houses on Diwali. The
film's own marketing campaign used online sites such as YouTube, and a
leaked version of superhit song Chhammak Challo instantly went viral
after release. The film disappointed critics, but has gained cyber fame
of sorts as the second biggest Indian trend on Facebook.

Sunday, May 1, a team of US Navy SEAL swooped down on a walled house in
Abbottabad, Pakistan in a secret, swift, night time raid. Their quarry
was Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda chief, architect of the 9/11 attack and
America's public enemy #1. Operation Geronimo lasted 40 minutes and left
Osama dead after a ten year manhunt. This was among the year's biggest
moments in India, as it was the world over, and the Osama raid was the
third most talked about trend on Facebook (it topped the worldwide

Trend number four was the death of ghazal singer Jagjit
Singh. Famous for his mellow voice, Jagjit Singh left behind him a
large body of work including hit movie songs such as Tum itna jo from
Arth. He died on October 10 at Mumbai's Lilavati Hospital after a brain
haemorrhage. His funeral was attended by family, friends (including most
of the film fraternity) and fans alike.

On October 5, Apple
co-founder Steve Jobs finally lost his long and public battle with
pancreatic cancer, a day after the latest iPhone was released. He left
behind him an array of first-of-their-kind products including the iMac,
iPod, iPhone and iPad, and a legacy of innovation. As India joined the
global lament for the fallen grand wizard of technology, the death of
Jobs also became fifth most talked about on Facebook.

discussed topic #6, Yuvraj Singh had an eventful 2011. Dropped from the
team only last year, Yuvraj battled poor form to make a spectacular
comeback in the World Cup, making an invaluable contribution to India's
win and bagging the Man Of The Tournament distinction to boot. He then
missed much of the rest of the year's play after a series of injuries,
including a cancer scare, left him unfit. He also kept himself busy
off the pitch, as is his wont, with rumoured new squeeze Shazahn

Rockstar, the much looked forward to movie from
director Imtiaz Ali, was hotly discussed both before and after it
released on 11.11.11. It's many talking points: Rahman's return to form
with the film's soulful soundtrack; debutant Nargis, who made news for
her beauty, her inability to speak Hindi and the secrecy she was
shrouded with ahead of the film; and most of all, Ranbir Kapoor's career
best performance as the eponymous rockstar, with a memorable scene in
which he shows his middle finger. Rockstar was the seventh most
discussed topic.

M S Dhoni comes in at eighth place. The Indian
skipper led his team to India's second World Cup victory in a heart
stopping semi-final against Pakistan and a final against Sri Lanka.
Dubbed Captain Cool for his ability to stay calm under pressure, Dhoni
has been rated among India's finest captains ever. Kapil Dev, who
captained India's first World Cup win in 1983, said Dhoni's team was the
best ever. High praise indeed.

The Indian National Congress was
this year's ninth most discussed topic and little wonder, as 2011
turned out to be a series of crises for Dr Manmohan Sing's government.
Among the year's highlights - high profile arrests in the 2G spectrum
scam including former Telecom minister A Raja and DMK leader Kanimozhi;
Team Anna's campaign to have the Jan Lokpal Bill passed in Parliament, a
ferocious late night government crackdown on Baba Ramdev's supporters
in the Ramlila Grounds; an oscillating petrol price; and a falling
rupee. Even as the year draws to a close, the government finds itself in
a lockdown over the issue of allowing greater Foreign Direct Investment
and accusations of censorship for asking Google and Facebook to screen
user content.

The earthquakes in Sikkim and Gujarat round up the
list of ten. On October 20, an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter
scale hit Gujarat with it's epicenter in Bhuj, which was also the centre
of the earthquake of January 26, 2001 - one of India's worst disasters.
This time, there were no casualties and very little damage. The
strongest tremors were felt in district of Junagadh, and there was a
complete power outage in the town of Talala. Sikkim was not so lucky. On
September 18, an earthquake measuring 6.9 left at least 54 dead, over
100 injured and caused damage worth Rs. 1 lakh crore.

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