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Obama Revokes Ex-Governor Igbinedion's Visas; He Can No Longer Enter US

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Corrupt former Governor Lucky Igbinedion of Edo State may no longer enter the United States of America, sources in Washington, DC, have disclosed. One of the sources revealed that the American consular authorities had written to Igbinedion to tell him that he was no longer welcome in the US.
Another source indicated that the former governor, who has been convicted for corrupt practices shortly after his governorship term, had multiple entry visas to the US. "However, he has received a letter revoking his visa," the source said.
Ex-Governor Igbinedion was a two-term governor in Edo State where he looted the treasury mindlessly, according to documents gathered by the EFCC. He was convict by a competent court.
Also, it was further gathered that the Obama Administration is reviewing the files of some of Nigeria's current and former government officials and will deny them visas once they are deemed undesirable on account of their involvement in corruption

This is what he gets...God will continue to be punishing all Nigeria corrupt leaders..what a big shame ?

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