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Akpos was arrested in Lagos

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1 Akpos was arrested in Lagos on Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:47 pm


Akpos was arrested in Lagos
by a group of Lastma officials for driving on
the BRT Lane. His car was fined N5,000. Upon
all the begging and pleadings, the LASTMA
officials refused to release the car. Akpos asked; Okay, may i know where you are
towing my car to?. One of the LASTMA officials
replied; we are taking it to Alausa. Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha….. Akpos laughed. All the
LASTMA officials were surprised and paid
attention to him, wanting to know why he
was laughing. Immediately, Akpos
brought out his phone and started speaking;
“Abu Qaqa Ina Kwana!” (Good morning in
Hausa). ‘No sir!’ “Not less than 30minutes
before it will explode!. The car has been
arrested…..” “Only 20 out of those new
bombs are inside the car.” “They are taking
the car to the targeted destination, “Alausa”.
I’m coming back to Sokoto alive now. “Thank
You Sir”. Greet other faithfuls for me. He said
and rounded off his imaginary call. He looked
around, no LASTMA officials was in sight. He
entered his car and sped off, saying; shege,
dan burouba shege.

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