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A married woman of 37 years who thought she is barren

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A married woman of 37 years who thought she is barren found out all her misfortune was from her sister-in-law. Not knowing, her sister-in-her had been selling the woman's children to people as meat when they come to her chop bar to eat. One day, an elder came to buy her food, saw the meat spiritually and told the woman he prefers(take away). The next two days he came to the chop bar with his pastor. When he got there, the barren woman was helping her sister-in-law cook the meat, while she was selling.

The pastor say to the barren woman; stop cooking your children.

The woman says; "I am barren, I never had one".

Pastor say; "Because you help the evil woman to cook your children for other innocent souls to eat."

After that, the pastor turned to the sister-in-law & says; confess. She wanted to pretend innocently. The moment the pastor raised his voice & said; oh Almighty God".... She started to confess. I warned her not to marry my brother. When she was going to marry the man, my family warned her to stay away from him. Because of love, she married him at the age of 25 years. And yet no child. I have been selling her children to people as meat at a lower price so that everybody can buy even if you are poor, you will never eat without meat in my chop bar. And who ever that takes the meat will suffer in everything he or she does. Shockingly, everybody in the chop bar that day began to curse the evil woman. The pastor prayed for each soul that was present at that moment & the barren woman. 5mins after the prayers, a child from no where came to slaughter the evil woman to death.

There is no need to rub your eyes or think that this is some kind of sick joke. Unfortunately this is really happening!!!!!

Now I decree that; Nothing will cut your joy short on the happiest day of your life. I command every dead thing in your life to come back alive. This year, may you receive a miracle that will attract the attention of the whole world. Any meat that you have eaten in a bar, restaurant or hotel that is evil & had seized your glory to GOD & mankind, today GOD himself says receive your breakthrough. ♥

Type *AMEN* to claim these prayers.

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