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1 SUPA STORY 2 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:35 pm


Mr. Jide's a hunter who lives
in a rural area. He's got a
family of 12 besides his
mother. His kids hated their
grand mother. It happened
that he lived during a time
when there was lots of
famine in his community as
well as other communities
around. He went into the
forest in hunt for game but
returned with none. The
same senario continued for 3
consecutive days. Finally, he
came across some mushroom
poisonous & non-poisonous.
He ignorantly picked all up
because he could not see
clearly due to hunger &
When he got home, he
passed all to his wife to
prepare. He forgot to inform
his wife that she needed to
take out the poisnous ones.
When he remembered it, the
whole cooking was over.
Just then a friend entered &
told them not to worry, that
the good mushrooms would
out power the poisonous
ones. But Jide was skeptical,
but his wife said they should
try some on bingo & if bingo
never died after sometime
then they can eat without
getting scared.
So they passed some
mushroom to bingo, he
wasted no time in eating his
porton. After 1 hour bingo
was still moving around
wagging it's tail happily. So
they decided to eat, after
eating everyone felt good.
Not too long bingo was out
of sight and suddenly a
neighbour rushed to the
Jides to inform them of
bingo's death. Immediately
they started inducing vomit
but it never came. While
desperate for anti-poison,
their grandmother offered
her bucket of urine to them
which would serve as anti-
poison. With alacrity they
finished up the urine in the
bucket & waited in queue as
she supplied them more
urine while they supplied her
water to drink. 20 minutes
later, a strange man visited
them. The man's look was
scary & out of fear they
requested for more urine
from grandma. Then the man
suddenly said, please am
sorry for the death of bingo.
I mistakenly hit him.
'WHAT?' the Jides asked -
they had taken enough
grandma's urine therapy
looking to vomit now again.


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