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Akpos online

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1 Akpos online on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:51 pm


Akpors: hello Sweetgal Sweetgal: hi lover boy HAHAHAHAHAH LAUGH FIRST B4 YOU READ Akpors: info about u please Sweetgal: 15, female, curvaceous , cleavage,
bootyliscious, in Lag and you? Akpors: mmmmmh, I am in love already. I’m 52, male, 6
pack, around Lag. Sweetgal: You're 52? Omg! Serious. Same age as my
dad. Akpors: I’m just so into fresh young beautiful girls. Sweetgal: Do you have a wife? Akpors: Yes, but not as sexy as you, I have a daughter,
she is in her bedroom with her friend doing
homework. Sweetgal: Then why do you like young girls? Akpors: I love them because they are beautiful not to
mention sexy and fresh. Sweetgal: I am also into older men with iPhones, cash
and drive a big German machine. Akpors: I can offer all of that and more. Sweetgal: I think we should meet because you are in
Lag and I am also there. Akpors: That would be nice, where do I pick you up
tomorrow with my German machine sexy? Sweetgal: Tomorrow I am going to school it won’t be
possible. Akpors: Or maybe over the weekend, going to school is
very important. Sweetgal: While still chatting let me continue with
my homework I don’t want my dad to know that I am
on FB, he will be mad at me. Akpors: Which homework is that maybe I can assist
you? Sweetgal: It's a Life Orientation homework, my
friend Tom is assisting me. But he is still a small boy.
i need big dks Akpors: Hey, your friend’s name is Tom? Exactly
where in Lag are you? Sweetgal: lekki 12lane and you? Akpors: Gloria, is that you??????? ?? Sweetgal: Dad, is that you??????! !!!

2 Re: Akpos online on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:52 pm


May your doors of success be always open to you.
May you see opportunities where other people see
May the Lord's presence never hide from u.
May He grant all the desires of your heart.
Because of you, your family is blessed. You will always stand & not fall.
Abundant wealth and good health shall be your
portion now and always. This is my prayer for all the Beloved.

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