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Three Pastors Needs Help

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1 Three Pastors Needs Help on Mon Mar 25, 2013 4:22 pm


Three pastors meet and agreed to sincerely tell each other their problems which must be kept in secret between them selves. The first one said; my problem is money i do steal even from d church offering. pls pray 4 me. the second one is women whenever i see any woman my desire will to go to bed with her,infact i have slept with most of the church female members. Turning to the third pastor to hear his problem. He started crying. it took his friend effort to calm him wen dey asked him to continue. he was still crying he said my problem is gossiping, when we leave diz place everyone will hear all what the two of you have just told me... pls pray for me buth of dem fainted.

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