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Akpors gets into a pharmacy

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1 Akpors gets into a pharmacy on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:04 pm


Akpors gets into a pharmacy & says 2 d
pharmacist, “Hello, could u give me
condom? I’m going 2 my girlfriend’s
place 4 dinner&I think I mayb in with a
chance!” D pharmacist gives him d
condom&as he was going out he returns&says,”G ­ive me another
condom because my girlfriend’s sister is
very cute too, she always crosses her
legs in a provocative manner when she
sees me&I think I might strike a luck
there too. “D pharmacist gives him a second condom&as he was leaving,
again he turns back&says “Give me one
more condom because my girlfriend’s
mom is still pretty cute&when she sees
me she always makes eye
contact&since she invited me 4 dinner I think she is expecting me2 make a
move. During dinner, Akpors sat with
his girlfriend on d left ,d sister onhis
right&d mum facing him. When d
girlfriend’s Dad walks in, Akpors lowers
his head&starts d dinner prayer.”Dear Lord, bless this dinner&thank u 4 all u’v
given us” 10minutes after, Akpors was
still praying “Thank u Lord 4 ur
kindness.” Another Ten minutes gone
by&he is still praying, keeping his head
down, very close 2 d table. They all looked at each other surprised,&his
girlfriend was even more surprised
than others. She gets close to
him&whispered, “I didn’t know u’rso
religious. “Akpors replies, “I never
knew ur dad was a pharmacist!”. See wahala !!! If you’re akpors…wat will u

2 Re: Akpors gets into a pharmacy on Mon Mar 25, 2013 6:21 pm


hahahahahaha, akpors for real

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