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Funmi was dumped by Lanre a week to their wedding.

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Funmi was dumped by Lanre a week to their wedding. Lanre ran away with
another woman to the UK with the visas they were supposed to use for
their honey moon..

Funmi was heartbroken but found a way to move on with her life...
She got married 2 years later and enjoyed success in every area of her life.. They had 3 children

She trained as a surgeon and her husband was a doctor too..
They moved to the UK were they both practiced as doctors.

One day, Funmi was ready to operate on a patient when she was told that
the surgery was delayed because the cleaner did not clean the floor on
She was very angry because of this delay that she asked them
to bring the cleaner for her to educate the cleaner of the risk such
delays pose to the patient....

When they cleaner come in, instantly she recognized him; it was Lanre; the man that dumped her years ago..
She could not believe her eyes... he looked very old and tired..
*Funmi was supposed to be a blessing to Lanre's Life but he made the mistake of running away from her

>To that man reading this, may you not run away from the blessing that God has in store from you...
>To that lady reading this, may you be the blessing a man cannot afford to run away from...

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