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January 8, 2013

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1 January 8, 2013 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:15 pm


Meditate On

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.
Romans 8:37
More Than Conquerors Through Christ’s Love

The sun shines on every blade of grass in a field. But if you put a
magnifying glass over one particular blade of grass, it will center the
heat from the sun over that blade, and that blade of grass will burn.

My friend, that is what you must do with God’s love. Put a
“magnifying glass” over your life and see God’s love being focused and
concentrated on YOU. Hear Him call you His beloved, the one He sent His
only Son to die for, the one who has His complete attention, favor and
unconditional love.

When you personalize God’s love for you, when you live each day
knowing and conscious that God loves you, you will be blazing with a
supernatural ability to overcome every challenge in life. Indeed, the
Bible tells us that we are “more than conquerors” through Jesus and His
love for us!

Joseph Prince

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