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AKPORS gives testimony in the church this morning.

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AKPORS gives testimony in the
church this morning.
akpors: My fellow brothers and
sisters praaaaaise da lord!!
Church members: Halleluya!!
Akpors: the lord has been good to me despite the efforts of my enemies. Just this morning, i was
coming to church wen i saw a mad man
following me.
at a time i became scared so i decided to talk to a
policeman closeby. I met the police man and told
him dat sombody was following me and i dont knw wether he was a mad man or not.
The policeman ask me to show him d man.. I
pointed to d direction were d man was... Then I
discoverd dat the man hav passed our standing
point going up to his way.
The policeman said to me: mr man are u alright? I taught u said sombody was
following u?
I was embarrased..
I needed help but the help nearly put me into police
So finally i waited for 20 minutes then i continued my jouney. When i reached one corner i saw the
same man under a tree with
a stick.. I said to my self.. Which kind temptation is
So i decided to stop a taxi. I was waving for a taxi
when the man stood up and start coming towards my direction.
So my next option was to enter a restaurant
closeby. I ate some food there although i was not
hungry. I ate and at the same time looked to see if
he was still there.
After 1hr of eating.. I stood up. i passed the tree i met him initialy and immediately he
jumped out from a hidden place with the
stick and continue following me. i looked back and
saw him coming closer to me in a manner i cant
withstand so i took to my heels..
Immediately he ran after me with the stick raised up. He was about to hit me the stick. then
. .
Praaaaaaaaaaais e da Lord.
Lols akpors has been booked for deliverance.


bulksms121, u r very funny, i mean all this while he was dreaming

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