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How do i creat traffic to my website through youtube

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i need help guys, hw can i creat traffic to my business website using youtube?


these are some powerful steps that can be used to build good traffic with youtube.

One of the most popular social networking websites these days is YouTube. There are a number of ways to build back links with this very popular site. One of the easiest ways to get this done is to answer questions within your niche.

How do you know what type of video to upload? Well start by hanging out at YouTube and finding out what is popular these days. Once you decide what to create a video on, choose a strong title that calls attention to your video. How you handle the description of your video not only adds to your search engine optimization, it's also helps to better the search ability in the site itself. Therefore, make sure that your title contains keywords relevant to your website as well as the word video. Furthermore, with each video that you create, try to keep them consistent to make your brand more recognizable.

The choice of the subject of your video and how you choose to handle it is essentially what decides whether or not your video will ultimately go viral. Keep in mind, no matter what the subject is, your main goal is to make sure that your URL gets out there.

Take the opportunity to add your URL to the beginning and the end of the video to make sure that it gets noticed. This is above and beyond including the URL in the description. Furthermore, publish the URL to your video in twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites to further promote your video. In turn, this will create additional linking opportunities for your websites. Moreover, you always have the option to create your own YouTube channel that will also help promote your videos.

When creating these videos, you can make it known that you are available for guest appearances and always offer credit to those who help. If you praise people within these videos and thank them for their contribution, this will increase the chance of them promoting the video for you. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to create a press release to promote your video provided that the content is actually newsworthy.

There is a large community available on YouTube that is relevant to whatever subject you will create a video on. The main point of this article is to understand that YouTube should not be ignored for back link and search engine optimization campaigns. Just remember, when creating your video, be very subtle in your advertisements by making sure that it offers either entertainment or information to the viewer.


Link building is the very foundation of every search engine optimization
campaign. If you wish to have a successful website, you are going to
have to take time and put forth the effort to create a strong back link
profile. There are a number of ways to go about achieving back links for
your site. The majority of these ways revolve around creating valuable
content for readers.

1. Create a website that offers valuable content for your readers to
encourage them to link back to you. Whatever else you decide to do in
your back link building campaign, make this a priority. This is referred
to as link bait or creating a hook that encourages other websites to
back link for you.

2. Article directory submissions. The links to your website is
contained within the resource box. This is actually a very good Web
marketing strategy. Whenever another user chooses to use their content
within their website or newsletter they help promote your website as
well because they are required to include your link.

3. Distribute your content on the popular social networking sites.
Most of these sites achieve very high search engine listings as they are
considered to be authority pages. So providing content on social
networking sites can result in a number of back links for you.

4. Maintain a blog and update the content often. This is most
effective if you perform the proper keyword research and emphasize
keywords that are related to your product or service. If you continue to
do this, you will train the search engine spiders to continually visit
your websites. Furthermore, you'll begin to notice back links purely
from other websites listing to your content.

5. Comment on the blogs of other people. Most blogs have a comments
section with each post that allows you to leave your URL. This is most
effective if you comment on a topic that you are knowledgeable about and
provide information that is of value to readers.

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