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How do i increase SEO Visibility to my site

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1 How do i increase SEO Visibility to my site on Fri May 03, 2013 6:29 pm


how can i make search engine top my site


Search engine optimization is an ongoing task. There are things that you must do daily to ensure that your website stays on top. As mundane or redundant as these tasks may be, they are still necessary and should not be avoided as you can watch your rankings slip from your hands overnight.

Keep an eye on your competition

While you may hold the number one spot for a particular keyword or phrase for a period of time, you should never become complacent. Doing so could result in you losing your rankings to your competition. For that reason, it is important that you keep an eye on your competition as well as keeping an eye on the methods that they used to build links.

By reverse engineering the methods your competition is using to build links, you can mimic their same actions as well as seek out more ways that you can build links to your website and its individual pages. This means that you will be doing double duty to maintain your position in SERPs.

Keeping an eye on your link building

Not every link that you build will go live immediately. For that reason, keeping an eye on your links is something that you must do on a daily basis. This means that you should be checking for dead links as well as for recent links that you have just built. Additionally, this could also mean keeping an eye out on incoming links to your website.

Be up to date in your niche

Failure to keep up to date with trends and news surrounding your niche could cause you to lose valuable topics that could serve as content on your website. Additionally, you might also miss out on valuable link dropping opportunities. For that reason, keeping abreast on emerging topics is vital and should be done on a daily basis. Something as simple as setting up a Google alert every time a keyword related to your niche is mentioned is a great way to ensure that you do not let critical news passed you by.

Checking for errors

A website that is riddled with errors or error pages can greatly diminish your traffic and sales. That is why it is important that you analyze your website daily for the potential errors. If you use a service such as Google's Webmaster Tools, this service will automatically analyze your website for you to show you what is wrong and/or what can be improved.

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