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Iraq between the occupation and the customers

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1 Iraq between the occupation and the customers on Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:15 pm

اريج المصطفى

Diwaniyah Province / city centre

Soldiers , Military Trainers and Security Companies are another faces of the Oppressive Occupation 29th -Thi Qi'ada 1432 A.H._28- 10- 2011

The Holy Friday Prayer in Al-Diwaniyah Province was Headed by Hujat Islam and Muslims, Sheikh Talib Al-Gharawi (Allah bless him)

The holy Friday Prayer was done at Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr Mosque ,before Sheikh begins Friday Prayer preach , he consoled Islamic World of the anniversary Martyrdom of Imam Jawad (peace be upon him).Then, he referred in the first preach to the ugliness , corruption and crimes of the oppressive occupation since it invaded Iraq up to the present time and Sheikh also referred to the standpoints of our supreme Ayatollah Al-saed Al-Hasani who honestly rejected occupation from the first day and even before it invaded Iraq the land of holy places and civilizations .This is an extract taken from the Friday Prayer Preach:

To affirm on our supreme Ayatollah Al-saed Al-Hasani's standpoint of refusing and condemning occupation and its settlement under whatever title and name , and to record testimony for history , homeland and all loyal fellow citizens in Iraq , we affirm and assert our rejection and condemnation of the occupation in all its harmful consequences and titles. We further assert our absolute rejection for the settlement of occupation under whatever title whether it takes the name of military trainers or security companies. We also reject signing any other agreements which may bring more harm for Iraq and its people. To affirm that ,

Repeat after me:

No No Occupation …No No Colonialism… No No Arrogant Countries…No No Injustice… No No Devil

some slogans were raised by the prayers who showed honestly and truthfully their absolute rejection for the occupation under whatever title
Iraqi Children exhibit their paintings which show their rejection of occupation


Women of iraq - the land of prophets and nation of successsors- also rejected the oppresive occupation in all its titles and faces




There are many demonstrations launched all over Iraq cities particularly in the south and middle of Iraq.Some photos and commentaries will be attached later on

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