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Free Money by Simply Browsing the Web...

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1 Free Money by Simply Browsing the Web... on Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:46 pm


MyBrowserCash is a new way to make money.

Nothing is out there like it, so at first it might not make 100% sense to people who are used to clicking specific ads to earn, but trust us, once you've browsed the web for a few days using the MyBrowserCash Software and see there's money being put into your account, you'll learn to love it!

Join Now It's Free...

From simply browsing the web we've integrated ads. These ads may or not be noticable. For example, we may place a banner in a certain location on a website. If you click the banner someone may get paid for that action.

Or, possibly we are getting paid from the advertiser on a per view basis. You may see a popup or a link may be highlighted on a website which may earn you cash!

Lets say someone with MyBrowserCash installed purchases something online and we have advertisers with them, you could earn some of that purchase!

We've worked very hard testing and making sure MyBrowserCash is as non-intrusive possible so you can earn money, browsing the web!

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