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1 investments from PayPal! on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:25 am


Start project 26.09.2012g 12-00 in Moscow

We have already begun to take your first deposit!

10/10/12 Flight normal! Qualifying investment, payments are made!

PERFECT-INVEST.BIZ - this investment program, which operates on the principle of a Ponzi scheme. Anyone can participate is 18 years old.

essence of the program is simple: you make the contribution, and 24
hours later, we take away from the already accrued interest. In this case, we do not conduct any business activity with attachments podtvergaem participants and associated risks.

That is, investing $ 5 now, after 24 hours of receiving another $ 10.

It is very simple and understandable even to a novice.

Our program does not present you with any terms and conditions. All
you need to do - is to make a new contribution to any convenient for
you to plan, after which, your contribution will be increased at the
rate plan and the resulting amount you can withdraw freely to your
account in PayPal.

The question is: How can this be and where the money?
The answer is simple: previous - due later.
is, for the success of the program, you need to constantly increase the
number of new participants and the amount invested. This is easily achieved by using advertising and marketing efforts.

Or questions arise: Where is My Account? How to register in the project?

answer is simple: We are introducing a new innovative system and refuse
from the tedious procedure of registration and personal cabinet!
Instead My Account, you will be assigned a unique investment
inditifikator draft (ID), it will be added to our database and will come
to you in an automatically generated message immediately after How
to invest the amount! It will disclose the full information about the
amount you have invested in the project, the date, time, your e-mail and
a unique number ivestitsionyy ID.

Question: Why does PayPal, but not Perfect Money or Liberty Reserve?

Because with the frequent failures in the PS Perfect Money and Liberty,
namely the API system fails and the PC can not cope with the mass
processing of payments, there come difficulties with payments. Our team decided to test the well-known PC PayPal.

your advantage may be that you will be able to claim all the money from
the account of our investment system. (Excludes the possibility of
fraud on the part of the Administration of the project)

Good luck to you and the associated investment of wind on the frigate the our project!

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