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How Can I Be Successful On The Internet?

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1 How Can I Be Successful On The Internet? on Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:45 pm



The best way to make money online is to focus on one method and one method only. Work it to death. Make sure everything is perfect and
then tweak it and work it some more. You will find that focusing on
one thing will be much more profitable than branching out into
several areas at once. From my experience there are two things that are extremely
important that you need to understand if you want to make profits
online, "Focus" and "Time Management".

You can have the best method for making profits in the world, but
without focus and time management, they are useless.

This post and the next will give you a good start on how to focus
better and how to manage your time.

Don't take these ideas lightly, as anybody that has ever been
successful online will tell you, it is nearly impossible to
accomplish anything meaningful online without focus and time

"The secret to online success part 1"


When I first started out online I was ambitious and full of ideas.
Don't get me wrong, that is a good thing. The only problem was that
I was not focused. I had ideas for ten different projects and I
wanted to do them all at one time. That is the classic downfall for
all beginners.

Beginners in online marketing tend to take on too much at once.
They overextend and try to make profits using every method they
come across. Let me tell you from experience, this will not work.

Once you have a nice flow of profits coming in from that one
project and it is running on autopilot, then you can move on to the
next project and focus all your efforts on that.

Focus rings very true for website owners. You know you are dealing
with an amateur when you see a website that is full of banner ads
and affiliate links. These people wonder why they are not making
any profits, I mean they do have all these ads on their website.

The reason they are not making money is because they are not
focused. If a surfer comes to their website, there are so many
options that they get confused and leave. No sale will come of
this. A website should focus on one product and be dedicated to
promoting that one product only. You will convert many more sales
if you focus your website.

Focus also comes into play when you are running AdWord campaigns on
Google. Many times people will come to me wondering why they are
not making any profits. They tell me they are promoting 20
different ClickBank products and still not making any profits. Well
the problem is obvious to me. How can they keep track of all these
campaigns at once? I ask them how many keywords each campaign has
and they will say 10-20. No... you need a lot more than that to be
successful. It should be more like 100-200 or more.

You need to focus on 2-3 campaigns at a time and don't move on
until you have either squeezed every ounce of profits from them or
you have come to the conclusion that they won't be profitable and
have deleted them. Focusing on only 2-3 campaigns at a time will
free you up enough to analyze and tweak each campaign accordingly.
You'll be able to make sure that there are no weak spots in your
campaigns. This will strongly increase your chances of success.

So in a nutshell, make sure you focus your efforts. Don't try to do
everything at once. If you are a beginner, you need to realize that
the big profits come from a strong foundation and building up from
there. You need to secure the projects you are working on now and
only then should you move onto the next profit making project.

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