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1 FUNNY QUESTIONS PEOPLE ASK! on Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:25 pm


1. Someone call u at 2am & asks "Are u
Ans: No i'm picking beans.
2. When its raining & someone noticed
you're going out yet he'll ask, "Are u
going out in this rain?.
Ans: No! In d next one.
3.Someone saw u coming out of d
bathroom wet, yet will ask, "Did u just
have ur bath?.
Ans: No, i fell into d toilet bowl.
4. You're standing in front of d elevator
on d ground to ur office, yet they'll
ask,"Are u going up?.
Ans: No, i'm waiting 4 my office 2 come
down and get me.
5. Ur boyfriend comes home wit a bunch
of flowers, and u still ask, "Are those
Ans: No baby, they are carrots!.
6. You're in d toilet and u lock d door and
someone knocks, asking, "Is anyone in
Ans: No! Na shit lock goor...Mtcheew! !!.
7. You're in a queue at d cinema 2 buy a
ticket, a friend saw you & asked, "What
are u doing here?. Ans: I'm waiting to pay
my school fees..."
8. When they see u lying down wit ur eyes
closed,they'll ask, "Are u sleeping
Ans: No, I'm training to die..." MUMU!!!.
9. When they overheard your
conversation on phone, "Ok daddy,yes
daddy, bye daddy", they'll. Still ask "Is
that your daddy."
Ans: No, na baba God. 10. If them see u
wit football boot dem go ask u,"You wan
go play ball ne?"
Ans: No, i wan go studio". Olodo.
11. If dem see accident 4 road, dem go
still ask,"Na accident be dis.
Ans: No, na film trick. Stupid questions
need stupid answers.

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